About Us



Originally chartered in 1940, the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce has worked for more than 70 years to improve opportunities for businesses and individuals in the community.  

The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce provides many services that benefit our community. The organization sponsors and organizes events that bring visitors to Lexington. They develop promotions which benefit the members of the Chamber of Commerce. Networking events offer members opportunities to meet and learn from other business people in our community. The Chamber of Commerce also serves as a resource center for member businesses and for those interested in visiting our community or locating a business here.



The mission of the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce is to create and maintain a favorable business climate in the Lexington area by representing the collective interest of business and by becoming involved in other aspects of the community that affect our quality of life.


Chamber Staff

Sarah Neben, Executive Director

Cynthia Boyd, Assistant

Board Of Directors:

  • Darin Buescher, President
  • Linda Saiz, Vice-President
  • Barry McFarland, President Elect
  • Riley Gruntorad
  • Colton May
  • Scott Haskell
  • Heather Heinemann    
  • Zach Blessin
  • Elissa Martin