This is a place where we harvest the fruits of our labor.

That’s what the McFarlands have been doing in Lexington, Nebraska for over 21 years — planting and harvesting grapes to make Mac’s Creek wine.

At Mac’s Creek, the McFarlands are committed to doing things the right way, which is the best way possible. Sure, there are easier and cheaper ways to make wine, but that’s not the “Mac’s Creek way.”

This is the Mac’s Creek Way — toiling in the hot sun and soil and working long days and even longer weeks during the warmest part of the year. Then, refine. Producing the best requires a relentless attention to detail. But the MacFarlands persist because they know the hard work will pay off not just for this year or the next, but for generations to come.

Mac’s Creek is a reminder of the strength that can be found in family and by working together. It’s a reminder that hard work creates opportunities for this generation and the next.

This is our community.

Lexington. A better life.