Chances are when you visit Lexington, Nebraska, you’ll eat some bread from Amy’s Bakery. You just won’t know it.

Many of the restaurants in Lexington get their bolillo — the bread used to make tortas — from Amy’s Bakery. Even restaurants in North Platte drive to Amy’s Bakery for their bolillo.

For over six years, Amy’s Bakery has been supplying Nebraskans with their bread.

It all started when one husband and wife decided to break bread together. Since then, the owners of Amy’s Bakery have been working six days a week, baking bolillo, empanadas, conchas, and montecados.

It’s not unusual to see people in Amy’s Bakery pile one or two trays full with a variety of delights. What is unusual, however, is seeing someone stop by to purchase just one concha or one empanada. At Amy’s Bakery, there is an unspoken understanding: more for more. More bread for more smiles. More smiles for more people. More bread for more joy.

Amy’s Bakery is just one example of how hard work and local businesses can unite a community.

This is our community.

Lexington. A better life.