Sponsored by The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce

The 'Champions for Children' campaign is designed to enhance the bond between the Lexington Public School system and the community. This program features good things people within our educational systems have done for children. It is recognition, encouragement, and a "thank you" to those working in the educational setting.

The 'Champions for Children' campaign involves everyone in the school. Everyone has the opportunity to help in the growth of our children. For this reason, administrators, teachers, counselors, secretaries, teacher aides, media psychologists, speech personnel...are all candidates to be recognized. Likewise, those same individuals can also nominate a person to be recognized.

Nominate someone working in the schools to be a ‘Champion for Children’ today!

On-Line Registration:
Please click here for the nomination form. Please note that all questions must be answered when you submit your entry. Thank you.